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Mar.17.2018 - NPR's Weekend Edition

Paul Thorn spoke with NPR's Scott Simon about Don't Let The Devil Ride, his early songwriting days, and recording in legendary spaces. Click here to listen.

May.08.2016 - The Southern Rambler

"Some people are so sure of what is going to happen in the afterlife. I wish I could be that sure." An in-depth interview with Paul for The Southern Rambler. Read it here.

Jan.10.2016 - Backstage With Bob

Bob Edwards is an iconic radio personality and interviewer, and he has named Paul Thorn as one of his favorite guests. Indeed, Paul has named Bob Edwards as one of his favorite interviewers. So it stands to reason that Bob and Paul's latest conversation for the new Bob Edwards podcast, Backstage With Bob, will be worth a listen. Check it out here on the web, or listen here on iTunes.

May.09.2012 - NPR's All Things Considered

"Thorn's own songs are often about people living on the margins of society, a focus that carried over to the songs he chose for What the Hell Is Goin' On?" Paul discusses his music from the margins with NPR's Melissa Block.

Jul.17.2010 - The Bob Edwards Interview

This is Paul's second interview by the incomparable Bob Edwards. Here they discuss Paul's stories and life experiences behind the writing of Pimps & Preachers.

Mar.21.2008 - The Bob Edwards Interview

The legendary Bob Edwards interviewed Paul for his XM Radio show and it is a must-listen for anyone interested in Paul's music or the man himself.