Photo of What The Hell Is Going On CD cover. Click for more info.

What The Hell Is Goin' On?

On this project Paul Thorn tries something fun and different: covering songs he loves by other songwriters. "I wanted to take a break from myself, do something different, and just have fun." It's an album of covers, but it's also a Paul Thorn album through and through. We still have some special limited edition packages left which contain all sorts of bonus goodies, and we are offering complete tracks for preview!

NEW! Paul Thorn Live at Red Clay
This funny, poignant, and intimately raw live performance was recorded in March of 2013, and it's available here exclusively via high quality digital download. Click here for the details.

Get a free song from What The Hell Is Goin' On?
We are offering a free download of the What The Hell Is Goin' On? title track as a special gift! Just enter your email address and zip code in the widget on the right and you will get an immediate response containing the free download link. If you want an additional free download from the new album plus a couple of old favorites, just go to Noisetrade and run a search on "paul thorn". Enjoy!

Watch the videos
We have a must-see music video of the title track from What The Hell Is Goin' On? - View it on Also, we have rolled out six video vignettes featuring Paul talking and singing about his latest album. Don't worry, short attention spanners, they are bite-sized. Watch the vignettes here.

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