Hammer & Nail 20th Anniversary

Hammer & Nail Jersey

This 3/4-sleeve jersey features the distinctive new Hammer & Nail faded service station sign logo.

$30.00 (Free shipping!)

Hammer & Nail Women's Tank Top

This dark gray tank for the ladies also features the new Hammer & Nail faded sign logo.

$25.00 (Free shipping!)

Hammer & Nail Cap

A cap with the comfy feel of a vintage gas station attendant's uniform and a front-facing logo.

$25.00 (Free shipping!)

Hammer & Nail Refrigerator Magnet

Yes, we have a Hammer & Nail magnet you can slap on the fridge along with your bug man's calendar.

$5.00 (Free shipping!)

Hammer & Nail CD

And here's the album that started the whole thing. Get the CD here or grab it on your favorite digital music outlet.

$13.99 (Free shipping!)

And thanks for an amazing 20 years!