Photo of the Ain't Love Strange CD cover

Ain't Love Strange

Produced by Sweet T & Black Eyed Pea (Released 1999)
"From the story of a faux Liberace picking up a leopard-skin thong-wearing Fabio lookalike hitchhiker to the amazed realization of a lover that's been taken to the cleaners, Thorn proves again and again his knack with a story and a lyric."  —  John Everson
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Track List

  1. Ain't Love Strange
  2. Blue Stew
  3. I Have A Good Day
  4. Burn Down The Trailer Park
  5. What Do You Take Me For?
  6. Fabio & Liberace
  7. Mood Ring
  8. Black Rainbow
  9. Where Was I?
  10. A Lot Of Good Reasons
  11. Help Me Out, Hook Me Up
  12. Accept My Love
  13. Ain't Gonna Beg
  14. That's All I Know Right Now