Use caution when buying show tickets

Caveat emptor / buyer beware. When purchasing tickets online for a Paul Thorn show (or any show, for that matter), always use the venue, promoter, or artist website for your transaction. When you search for tickets via Google, Bing, or any other search engine, the top results are frequently scalper sites. These folks drastically inflate their ticket prices with the hopes of snagging unsuspecting buyers, and we’ve seen Paul Thorn tickets going for 10 times face value on some of these sites.

At we always link to the venue, promoter, or official ticket vendor with our ticket links, but we ourselves have nothing to do with ticket sales. The concert venue will have the direct link to the official ticket vendor site, so it is always your best option for ticket purchase and support. So when buying show tickets, as when buying anything else online, pay attention and be careful out there!